29th January - 1st February, 2015
NSIC Exhibition Grounds, New Delhi
Founded in 2008 in New Delhi, India Art Fair is a platform to sustain the artistic aspirations of the city with the opportunity it deserves. It is a significant event for the arts in the region, attracting artists, curators, gallery owners, collectors, museum directors, art enthusiasts and extensive media from around the world. Over its six editions, the art fair has shown in excess of 400 galleries and 4000 artists, highlighting its contribution to the promotion of art among a range of stakeholders and across the subcontinent.

The art fair has an extensive schedule that includes a comprehensive series of artistic projects, this year curated by Artistic Director Girish Shahane, integrated in conjunction with the renowned Speakers’ Forum, bringing a diverse range of high profile industry speakers and thought leaders to the fair. Additionally, the fair plays host to a variety of art book stores, new restaurant spaces, curated walks, performance art, live music and an increasingly prolific series of Collateral Events across New Delhi and across India.
Speakers' Forum
The Speaker's Forum of the India Art Fair aims to reach every segment of the visiting public, from informed experts to those acquainting themselves for the first time with modern and contemporary art. Our speakers are drawn from the entire range of stakeholders in the visual arts: artists, curators, critics, administrators, academics, gallerists and collectors. The panels cover subjects such as the future directions of curating; the state of art criticism; the tradition of making private collections public; the patronage of art projects in the public space; the international representation of Asian art; and the framing of culture policies to fit our time. This year, for the first time, we have integrated the Speaker's Forum with the art fair and with corollary exhibitions taking place across town. We have done this by featuring artists who are creating special projects at the fair or displaying work in important exhibitions elsewhere in the capital. Each artist's panel is composed of creative individuals who share common ground although they may operate in very different contexts. Hopefully, this development will create a positive feedback loop between seeing and listening during the art fair week. We have also bolstered the Yes Bank Lounge programme through a Spotlight Series of book launches, talks on specialised topics, and even light-hearted entertainment in the form of a stand up comedy routine.
Programmed by: Girish Shahane, Artistic Director
Speakers' Forum Schedule 2015
Speakers' List -2015
Collateral Events
Special programmes are planned in the days leading up to the art fair by prominent arts and cultural institutions across Delhi. These include major art galleries, museums, private collectors, Embassies and not for profit organizations, who all play host to a multitude of collateral events transforming the city into a cultural hub.
Collateral Events Schedule
(This schedule does not include the ‘by invitation’ events which are exclusively for our VIP Programme)
Art Projects
The 7th edition of India Art Fair will showcase specially designed Art Projects presenting the most stimulating contemporary practices in visual arts. This dimension of the art fair will enable visitors to engage and connect with thought-provoking art interventions at the fair venue, with some works custom built specially for the art fair. The Art Projects will feature highly impressive works of key artists including large-scale installations, site-specific sculptures and multi-media installations.
Art Projects 2015
Spotlight Series
As a supplement to its well-known Speaker's Forum, the India Art Fair this year introduces a programme of events and discussions called the Spotlight Series. While each of the Speaker's Forum panels consists of four to five participants tackling expansive subjects, the Spotlight Series has a smaller number of speakers in each session, a shorter duration, and focuses on individual artists, institutions, and publications. Scheduled to be held at the Yes Bank Lounge, the Spotlight Series is a strong programme in its own right, with luminaries such as Arpita Singh, Prof. B. N. Goswamy, Monica Narula, and Prof. Mushirul Hasan scheduled to speak.
Spotlight Series Schedule
Curated Walks
An excursion into the mind of the creator, the revelation of deeper insight than first greets the sense's these dedicated tours are curated by students of art-history who are well-versed with the artworks on display. The curated walks happened multiple times a day.
Curated Walks Schedule (Coming Soon)
Past Catalogues
View our archive for catalogues from previous editions of India Art Fair.
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